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Popcorn Hour S-210
model s210

Digital Signage

Don't just reach out to your audience, capture their attention with advertising and product demos in compelling high-definition video. The Popcorn Hour S-210 "Store Front" Digital Signage system is the next step in direct-to-consumer communications, offering a powerful new medium to interface with people in all kinds of settings.

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Ideal for retail environments, office lobbies and trade show applications, the Popcorn Hour S-210 offers many advantages over conventional display offerings. Unlike computer-based systems, there's no complicated PC architecture with the Popcorn Hour S-210, so it's extremely easy to set up and use. The S-210 also comes complete with 2GB of flash memory storage, enabling you to play back long format commercials and presentations—even in high def-without hooking up to an external hard drive.


Technical Specs
Technical Specs
Technical Specs
A-200 (Out of Stock)
Technical Specs

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