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Popcorn Hour A-210
model A210
The Digital Streamer That Is More Advanced

With the Popcorn Hour you can stream or playback digital media content from a huge variety of sources such as your PC, network-attached storage, digital camera or USB storage (Flash drive, HDD, DVD drive). Popcorn Hour also makes it easy to download and stream content directly from popular Internet sites like Videocast, CNET TV, CBS/CNN channels and dozens of other online content sites*.

Expand Your Possibilities

Add an optional hard drive to the Popcorn Hour's standard expansion slot to open up a host of additional features and options:
  • Create a central library of all your movies and video files, ready to play on your TV at any time.
  • Easily share media with friends and family-with a hard drive the Popcorn Hour can act as a file server to share files over the local area network.
Digital Entertainment Your Way

Popcorn Hour's interface uses familiar HTML features and navigation prompts, so first-time users can quickly get up to speed on even the most advanced features. The standard remote control supports playback modes, such as play/pause and trickmodes, as well as simultaneous display of images and playback of audio tracks.

  • Organize your media library with the myiHome Media Server streaming video utility.
  • Play the majority of digital media files on your TV. (Refer to the list of supported codecs below)
  • Supports the most advanced high-def video and audio standards, including MKV HD and Dolby
  • Newer and faster processor for increased performance in all areas

*Screen and product images are representative only. Internet content services are subject to change without notice.


Technical Specs
Technical Specs
Technical Specs
A-200 (Out of Stock)
Technical Specs

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